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Children jumping and running in a sunset.
Child Well-Being in a Post Pandemic World

Divya Badami Rao points to how this time can be used to re-evaluate how to approach the well-being of children in the long term by focusing on redesigning cities that are sustainable, safe and child-friendly.  

Chitra Vishwanath standing in front of her home dressed in a purple kurta.
City as an ecosystem

In this article, Deepika Khatri revisits the philosophy and principles of architect Laurie Baker to examine why it’s more critical than ever to rethink and reimagine cities given the deep inequities the coronavirus has brought to the fore.

A giant step well against the backdrop of a old architecture
Building water resilient cities

In the article, Arpita Joshi mulls over the trend of increasing water crises in Indian cities and reports the outcome of her conversation with S.Vishwanath, a prominent expert on rainwater harvesting and wastewater management.

Feeling Not Seen, Not Heard, Not Understood

“I think there is something about being surrounded by people, and still feeling lonely, that makes the feeling harder. Being in a city means being constantly surrounded by groups of friends, couples, communities and that sometimes makes me feel more acutely, obviously alone.” ~ Survey respondent, Mumbai I remember being 20 and sitting in a…

Returning to Soil

by Arpita Joshi I suppose it was fate that drove me to buy a book of poetry by Kuvempu, the great Kannada poet, from the stands at Lalbagh in Bangalore during one of its annual flower shows. It drove in deeper, this piece of fate, when I chanced to flip the book open at the…

Turning Waste To Wealth

How 3 citizens have transformed their community waste By Deepika Khatri A few months ago, a video by Youtuber Nikole went viral after he pointed to trash strewn across a hill from a viewpoint in Wayanad, Kerala. It was widely applauded for bringing attention to the massive waste management challenge in India.  With rapid urbanisation,…

Building Water Resilient Cities

by Arpita Joshi One beautiful summer morning of April 2018, I found myself a few kilometers inside the Shimla Water Catchment (SWC) Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh. As we stood watching a grey-winged blackbird preen under an escaped ray of light surrounded by tall stately deodars and spruce, my guide leaned in and pointed in the…

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Guest writers

Below are some featured essays by our guest writers on well-being, transformative change and more.