TCC Books

In a time when our attention is being pulled every second in a hundred directions, we at TCC call for a return to the practice of diving deep into our books and readings to regain our perspective and sight. Even as it is our endeavour to invite more people to read and engage with books and writings that speak to our individual and collective well-being, we also want to ensure that they become active tools that you – as future educators – can use in the transformative actions you embrace.

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Our Initiatives

We currently run two initiatives that are centered around books. ‘We Read‘ is a collection of readings undertaken by us and our friends of our favorite children’s books from around the world. They are evocative, often profound books that help not only children but also adults in reflecting more deeply about our lives and living. ‘Reading Circle‘ is a monthly book club where we collectively read an essay or book which helps us explore topics related to well-being.

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