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The Commune: The Discomfort of Uncertainty

Dear Friends, I greet you this time with an image, the one below. It’s called ‘The Uncomfortable Watering Can‘ and its origins are in ‘a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects‘ created by architect Katerina Kamprani and pulled together under the title of ‘The Uncomfortable‘. Her goal, she tells us, is ‘to deconstruct the invisibleContinue reading “The Commune: The Discomfort of Uncertainty”

The Commune: Making room for rest

Dear Friends, Over the past week, I’ve been revisiting poet and author David Whyte’s Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. It’s a book that reflects on 52 everyday words and gently unpacks them to explore their complexity – words like memory, longing, loss and vulnerability.  The one I’ve been sitting withContinue reading “The Commune: Making room for rest”


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