A cityscape with two people standing on the corners and the city in green. In the middle in bold letters it says: Connection and Care. April 2020
Is it possible to create Indian cities that put our holistic well-being at the heart of their imagination?

Join The Curio-city Collective as we begin to explore and re-connect the web of people, communities and eco-systems in cities! 

Hands join together to form a heart. On the left, it says: Season 1 with Deepika and Arpita. Episode 7: Connection in the time of corona


Episode 7 looks at questions of connection and care as we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. Given that the Corona virus has in one way reinforced our shared humanity, it explores what the human response to it will be. Through research, it looks at the potential each of us have to reinforce what makes us human through acts of kindness and compassion. 

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The essay ‘Feeling not seen, not heard, not understood’: Loneliness in Indian cities  interweaves TCC survey responses with the research and writing on loneliness in order to demystify the experience and the concept. Tanuja Babre, Coordinator – iCALL, in her article ‘Taking Care: A Short Guide On Self Care’ breaks down what self care means and how we can effectively incorporate it within our lives.

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Why Well-being?

Well-being is a concept that is making us re-think the idea of development across the world. It rejects Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the only means of understanding growth and instead nurtures and keeps at the centre the idea of creating spaces and places built in conversation with and for the holistic betterment of its people. Read more.

As the entire country of India is in an unprecedented lock-down to contain the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we decided to reflect on this unique moment and experience. What insights has the virus brought to us? How do we think about who we are and who we want to be in the days to follow? Does anything have to change or will life resume just as it was once the virus is expunged? Join us in this conversation around connection and care – personal, collective and planetary – this April even as we all stay home and stay safe.

Connection and care stats

3 degrees

Is how far we can influence people and by that measure we have the ability to reach halfway to everyone else on the planet

 80 percent

Of care work is done by women in the Asia Pacific region

4: 1

Is the amount of care work women do compared to men

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The Curio-city Collective (TCC) is a learning ecosystem that hopes to build a path to present and future holistic well-being in cities by re-connecting people, communities and ecosystems through practices of reflection, education and action.

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