Is it possible to create Indian cities that put our holistic well-being at the heart of their imagination?

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Episode 13 looks at the landscape of cities and how to build cities based on principles of frugality and simplicity. Through a conversation with Bengaluru-based architect, Chitra Vishwanath, founder of Biome Environmental Solutions, it examines how we need to turn to local wisdom and techniques as urbanisation increases rapidly. It also looks at what sustainability means.

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In the article, ‘City as an ecosystem’, Deepika Khatri revisits the philosophy and principles of architect Laurie Baker to examine why it’s more critical than ever to rethink and reimagine cities given the deep inequities the coronavirus has brought to the fore.

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Why Well-being?

Well-being is a concept that is making us re-think the idea of development across the world. It rejects Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the only means of understanding growth and instead nurtures and keeps at the centre the idea of creating spaces and places built in conversation with and for the holistic betterment of its people. Read more.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to make its strong presence felt across the nation and the globe, it is laying bare the limitations of our current civilizational imagination. From the climate related disasters that have been coming thick and strong to the humanitarian crisis of the exodus of migrant labourers – the pandemic is carrying an urgent message for the need for transformative change. 

Yet what is transformative change and where do we begin the search for new ways of living and being? With our theme for this month, ‘The Frugal City, we embark on this exploration to unravel the kinds of narratives and actions which could help bring us back on the path of collective well-being.

Cities and India stats


cities in India are predicted to have a population of 1 million plus by 2030


of India’s population is projected to reside in cities by 2050 according to a UN report


buildings in Bangalore are built with compressed stabilised earth blocks–the largest concentration of earth buildings in the world

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The Curio-city Collective (TCC) is a learning ecosystem that hopes to build a path to present and future holistic well-being in cities by re-connecting people, communities and ecosystems through practices of reflection, education and action.

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