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Is it possible to create Indian cities that put our holistic well-being at the heart of their imagination?

Join The Curio-city Collective as we begin to explore and re-connect the web of people, communities and eco-systems in cities! 


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Season 1 of The Curio-City Collective podcast contains a kaleidoscope of conversations on holistic well-being and transformative change and action in Indian cities – Listen in!

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 In the article, ‘Child Well-Being in a Post Pandemic World‘, Divya Badami Rao explores the challenges of maintaining a child’s well-being. She also points to how this time can be used to re-evaluate how to approach the well-being of children in the long term by focusing on redesigning cities that are sustainable, safe and child-friendly.    

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Why Well-being?

Well-being is a concept that is making us re-think the idea of development across the world. It rejects Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the only means of understanding growth and instead nurtures and keeps at the centre the idea of creating spaces and places built in conversation with and for the holistic betterment of its people. Read more.

We’re living in a moment of time where we’re confronted by the consequences of human action and are witnessing how so-called economic progress has come at the cost of the health of the planet on which we survive. Whether it is the health crisis that we’re currently grappling with or the climate crisis, the writing is on the wall. Yet even as we are called to the demands of doing better by our planet and by our communities, we are simultaneously called to examine the nature of our current lives and the structures that we are embedded within, the nature of our cities – which do not allow the time, spaciousness and leisure for us to easily incorporate reflection and actions of care and concern. 

As we take the month off at the end of Season 1 of our podcast, our campaign spaces take this opportunity to reflect on the idea of rest, of leisure – and how they combine with the idea of productivity and human well-being.  

Well-Being stats


is the 2nd most sleep-deprived country  

Shorter work hours

are often associated with higher rates of output per hour

More work effort

actually predicted reduced well-being

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The Curio-city Collective (TCC) is a learning ecosystem that hopes to build a path to present and future holistic well-being in cities by re-connecting people, communities and ecosystems through practices of reflection, education and action.

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