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The Curio-City Collective* (TCC) is a not for profit organisation that is responding to the urgent need to build a new narrative of well-being and transformative change and action in Indian cities. Our approach is to keep you – the inhabitant of the city – at the centre of the narrative.

As a forest fire sometimes clears the path for new growth, the multiple crises of our times might hold the key for a fresh perspective. Taking the opportunity to collectively re-claim hope, we weave together conversations, narratives and discussions on how individuals, collectives and communities can empower themselves through knowledge and action to build a different world – a world defined by the care and holistic well-being of all.

If this vision inspires you, moves you – come join the collective and be the change you wish to see!

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What does TCC do?

As invididuals and citizens faced with seemingly large and complicated urban issues, we often feel distanced, small and overwhelmed. We question if individual action matters at all. At TCC, we want to firmly assure you that individual action is at the heart of all change. We say this only because we have come to know myriad such individuals who have seeded transformative change through their actions!

Yet even as we believe in the tremendous strength and potential of individual thought and action, we realise that this process can be made easier by collating and facilitating the knowledge and wisdom on these issues; and by building communities of like-minded individuals.

TCC offers individuals the ability to choose and construct their own unique journeys towards transformative change and action by extending them access to a learning eco-system of podcasts, events, resources, courses and communities. Our learning ecosystem brings together multiple mediums and methods of learning and engagement under the vision of fostering a culture of reflection, education and action.

Our aim is to nurture connections and work towards transformative change by:

  • Creating rich and diverse content
  • Building and supporting communities of care and practice
  • Fostering communication & nurturing conversations

Our work is inspired by the following principles:

  • Support heterogeneity and abundance for all forms of life on Earth, inspiring ways that allow for living in harmony with nature
  • Enhance inter-connectedness and care in human systems
  • Enrich attention in order to foster holistic lifelong learning and growth 
  • Take a full-bodied, deliberate and non-violent approach 
  • Democratise, preserve and revitalise diverse forms of knowledge and action
  • Embody and nourish scientific curiosity and temperament

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*We are registered as The Thinking Caterpillar Trust in Bengaluru, India.