Our work

The Curio-City Collective* offers people the ability to choose and construct their own unique journeys towards ‘transformative change’ by extending them access to a learning eco-system of podcasts, events, resources and courses. Our learning ecosystem brings together multiple mediums and methods of learning and engagement under the vision of fostering a culture of reflection, education and action.

Our aim is to nurture connections and work towards transformative change by:

  • Creating rich and diverse content
  • Building and supporting communities of care and practice
  • Fostering communication
  • Nurturing conversations

Our work is inspired by the following principles:

  • Support heterogeneity and abundance for all forms of life on Earth, inspiring ways that allow for living in harmony with nature
  • Enhance inter-connectedness and care in human systems
  • Enrich attention in order to foster holistic lifelong learning and growth 
  • Take a full-bodied, deliberate and non-violent approach 
  • Democratise, preserve and revitalise diverse forms of knowledge and action

For more details download our brochure.

*We are registered as The Thinking Caterpillar Trust in Bengaluru, India.