TCC Podcasts

The podcasts we create are part of our hope to explore and build a new narrative around well-being and transformative change and action in Indian cities. These podcasts are not only for your listening pleasure and reflection but can also be used as educational tools in various ways.

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1. The Curio-city Collective Podcast

In our lead TCC podcast we have conversations with individuals who are already hard at work thinking and taking action on various issues within Indian cities. They tell us not only what the problems are but also share ways in which we – you and I – can do something about it. If you are interested in deepening your understanding of our homes – our cities – and how we can as individuals and collectives be part of the required change and make things better, then this is the podcast to follow!

2. Our Podcast Series

Our podcast series are deep dives into specific topics that are pivotal to our work. We have begun working on them and shall bring them to you in coming months!