TCC Books: User Guide

Through TCC Books we hope to return to the deep wisdom of books and essays that have constantly guided and supported us in thinking about the nature of our lives and how we live them. Currently, we run two initiatives under TCC Books – We Read and Reading Circle. Below we share how you can not only enjoy these books as individuals but also use them as tools with your family, friends and communities to reflect more deeply on the issues they cover.

Under the aegis of We Read, members and friends of TCC have undertaken audio readings of books and stories that speak in profound ways to the times we are living in. These recordings can be used in various ways:

  • You can listen to the books individually and reflect on the subject of the book.
  • You can listen to the books with a group (of children or adults or both!) and reflect on what the book brought up for each of you.
  • You can use the book as an educational tool and use it in creative ways to ask questions on well-being. In order to facilitate this, we have added a few notes below each reading to help you along. It has some questions and some lines of inquiry which might be useful to open a conversation.

The TCC Reading Circle is a reading group where we read books and essays that relate to the concept of well-being and transformative change and action. You can engage with this forum by:

  • Joining the Reading Circle by filling this form and becoming a part of the club!
  • You can follow and share the books we are reading, excerpts, discussions and other tidbits through our social media spaces and by joining our newsletter – The Commune.
  • You can read and share the summary of our book discussions on our blog.