TCC Podcast: User Guide

At TCC we view our podcast conversations not only as one time reflective listens but also as community mobilisation tools and educational aids that can be used in a variety of creative ways to open conversations on well-being and transformative change.

Here are some ways in which you – as an engaged citizen, community mobiliser, practitioner or teacher – could use our podcast episodes for igniting deeper reflection and action within your communities and classrooms:

  • Conversation tool: Our podcast episodes can be useful tools in opening up conversations on important city-based issues within communities, be it with adults or children. Podcasts as an audio medium are easily accessible to all age groups and they allow for flexibility. They can be heard even when one is out walking or commuting. If you are a teacher speaking to your students on some of the issues TCC covers, use the podcast conversations to liven up your classroom with new perspective and ideas!

  • Start a Listening Group: Listening deeply to an idea together as a group, can be a powerful experience! This can be done online through platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc; or, by having physical meet-ups for this purpose. Listening can be combined with various activities to enliven the process further:

    • Follow it up with a reflection session: Together the group can reflect on what one learnt and thought of through the conversation, if and how these new ideas disrupt our pre-existing notions of well-being, are there elements within the conversation that can be imbibed within our lives? These are some of the questions that can ignite deeper reflection and action.
    • Follow it up with projects: Group members can reflect on the actionables that the conversation triggers and make it an individual or community project to build further.

Use your creativity and imagination and the podcast episodes can become vital and engaging tools in your educational tool belt. Do share with us ways in which you have or are planning to use these podcasts! We are also happy to support you in any such endeavour. Write to us at