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Our Advisors

Krittika Vishwanath

Krittika Vishwanath works as a Senior Human Rights Education Advisor in Amnesty International. She has over 10 years of experience in human rights education, training and strategic development. She has also worked in areas such as professional development for Teachers, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the use of open source technologies for teaching and learning. 

Navdeep Mathur

Navdeep Mathur is at the Public Systems Group at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He conducts research on urbanism, resistance and alternatives to top-down urban planning and institutional design, and teaches courses on social justice, politics, interpretive methods, and public policy.

Priyangee Guha

Priyangee Guha is a lawyer, and human rights activist. She has worked with organisations and with victims of gender based violence. Her interests are in reformative justice, healing and in creating better legal and social response systems to violence in our society. She has been working as a lawyer for more than a decade. She has designed modules to make law accessible to children, adults and those disenfranchised by the law.

TCC Family


Arya is a Ph.D. Candidate in public policy and administration. Her research interests include bureaucracy, citizen engagement, and data privacy in India and the US. Previously, she worked in the development sector on improving governance through the use of technology. On weekends she spends her time experimenting with recipes from different regions or reading a book in a park.


Ashwini is a happy mom of two, her seven year old daughter and her beautiful labrador. She has lived in and loved Bangalore all her life. She has worked with human resources in technology companies through her decades of work. She has engaged with urban life, sustainable living. She is interested in understanding cities and working towards holistic well-being.


Divya has a Masters in Social Work, Bachelors in English Literature, and has worked on environmental and social issues in the development sector. With her latest credential as parent, she finds herself having developed an academic interest in the subject of play, perhaps by design on the part of her children.


Dwithiya is a development professional, researcher and chartered accountant. She has spent more than a decade on programme management and fund raising for large scale education projects. She is interested in social justice, welfare of stray animals and enjoys cooking and learning food cultures.  


Gitanjali is a licensed social worker in the US. She currently works as a counselor, helping adolescents and adults who struggle with mental illness and substance use issues. She is  extremely passionate about mindfulness and is a certified yoga teacher. She attempts to integrate elements of both into the work that she does. She enjoys reading and likes spending time in nature.


Ishwar Shankar is a Bangalore based audio content producer. He runs Control Room Studios and Bangalore Recording Company, under whose banners he has in his 15 year audio career produced several audio books, media content, news content and podcasts.


Kumail is a cinematographer, editor and production manager. He has experience working with short educational documentaries, music videos, corporate films and wedding films for a range of individuals and organisations. He is interested in football, books, watching movies and cat-sitting everyone’s cats. 


Nomita is a graphic designer and bio-dynamic gardener. Her twin interests have coincided in some unexpected and very rewarding ways in Goa, which is the place she now calls home. In a world that is need of a radically different way of living, she consciously practices slowing down using Reiki and other forms of bodywork, in order to listen for other ways of being; which then inform her work.


Prathama is a developmental psychologist who works as a school counsellor and therapist in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her work and life is informed by feminism, neurodiversity, narrative approaches and poetry. She consults with children, young people, adults and families, ‘excavating’ stories of resistance and persistence, on a journey to finding out ‘what the world is trying to be.’


Rebecca is a development practitioner with more than 14 years of work experience in the sector and is passionate about people’s rights. She has a degree in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai and an MPhil from the University of Cambridge, UK. Rebecca has vast experience working on poverty alleviation, natural resource management (and climate change), social inclusion, food security and decentralization and governance. She is also an obsessive mother of a three year old  and a lover of music and art in different forms.


Shashidhar is a journalist by training and a researcher by interest. He has spent the past decade reporting on technology, finance, business and the state of the media itself. He has worked for many leading newspapers and websites as a reporter and editor. His interests are in learning to play the guitar, reading and watching anime and listens to music our parents warned us about.


Sumit came to Bangalore 20 years ago looking for a job and stayed on forever, falling in love with the city. He is a product leader in Intuit for a product line called QuickBooks that helps small businesses manage their business and finances. He enjoys the ability to power prosperity for millions of SMBs around the world. 


Suravi is an advertising professional. She’s always been fascinated by the influence that culture has had on communication and how that, in turn, creates conversations. She firmly believes that in these turbulent times of divisiveness and fear, its is even more imperative to have the difficult conversations that challenge the status quo.