A NITI Aayog Report in 2019 predicted that 21 cities in India would face severe water shortages in 2020. In Episode 14 we speak with S.Vishwanath, civil engineer and urban planner who has worked extensively over the past 34 years on issues related to water management in Indian cities. He talks to us about the varied roles water plays in our lives and how we can begin to heal our relationship with this resource and build water resilient cities.

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Featured: ‘Building Water Resilient Cities’

In the article, Arpita Joshi mulls over the trend of increasing water crises in Indian cities and reports the outcome of her conversation with S.Vishwanath, a prominent expert on rainwater harvesting and wastewater management.

Harvesting The Monsoons
by The Curio-city Collective

Episode 13 looks at the landscape of cities and how to build cities based on principles of frugality and simplicity. Through a conversation with Bengaluru-based architect, Chitra Vishwanath, founder of Biome Environmental Solutions, it examines how we need to turn to local wisdom and techniques as urbanisation increases rapidly. It also looks at what sustainability means.

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Featured: City as an Ecosystem

In this article, Deepika Khatri revisits the philosophy and principles of architect Laurie Baker to examine why it’s more critical than ever to rethink and reimagine cities given the deep inequities the coronavirus has brought to the fore.