The wild world

In Episode 8, we speak with Vijay Dhasmana, rewilder and eco-restoration practitioner. He tells us the riveting story of how a degraded mining site was converted into the flourishing Aravalli Biodiversity Park in Gurugram and explains the why cities urgently need to integrate wild spaces into their planning. (Read Transcript)

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Featured: Rewilding our cities

In this article, Vijay Dhasmana, rewilder and forest gardener, shares his extraordinary journey of helping restore the Aravalli Biodiversity Park in Gurugram and shares why our cities need rewilding urgently.

In Episode 7, we chat with Zai Whitaker, writer and one of the founders of the Madras Crocodile Bank. She talks about what first drew her to the natural world, the influence of her family and the crucial role of conservation parks like the Crocodile Bank. She also shares how we can all connect to wonder in our very own cities and begin our conservation journey at home.

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In Episode 6, we chat with Sadhana Ramchander and Kobita Dass Kolli, the curators of the Hyderabad Tree Enthusiasts group. They share the joy of discovering urban trees and foliage, the wonders that lie amidst them and the powerful capacity for healing and learning that green spaces hold for city dwellers.

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Featured: The benefit of befriending trees

Srinidhi Raghavan and Arpita Joshi write about the nature of green cover in Hyderabad and report on the conversation with Sadhana Ramchander and Kobita Dass Kolli, the curators of the Hyderabad Tree Enthusiasts group.

In Episode 5, we speak to Deepa Mohan, birder and naturalist guide based in Bangalore. She shares her journey of how she began connecting with the natural world and eventually became an integral part of BngBirds, a birding nature group that has become a learning and growing space for children and adults alike to connect not just with birds but with butterflies, trees, flowers and all that they encounter on walks.

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Featured: A rendezvous with birds

Arpita Joshi writes why it’s important to protect and help birds thrive within cities as she speaks with Deepa Mohan an urban nature guide and describes the joys of city birding.