Mental health

In our second podcast episode we speak to clinical psychologists Aparna Joshi and Tanuja Babre from iCALL (Initiating Concern for All) counseling service run by the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It offers free telephone, chat and email-based counseling services in multiple languages. They discuss with us the nature and kinds of distress experienced by individuals in cities and share coping methods. (Read transcript)

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Featured: ‘Care And Love For The Body And Mind: Intentional Actions In Moments Of Distress’

This essay explores how we can reduce distress in the short and long term in our lives through simple exercises or techniques we can practise.
by Prathama Raghavan

In the first TCC podcast episode Sonia Thomas and Sandhya Menon join us in a conversation on the growing concern around loneliness in Indian metros and share their wisdom and experience. Sonia and Sandhya have large social media followings where they speak on topics related to mental health with deep honesty and vulnerability. (Read Transcript)

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Featured: ‘Feeling not seen, not heard, not understood’: Loneliness in Indian cities

The essay interweaves TCC survey responses with the research and writing on loneliness in order to demystify the experience and the concept. 
by Arpita Joshi and Srinidhi Raghavan

International Projects On Loneliness
by The Curio-city Collective

10 Things To Try When You’re Feeling Lonely
by The Curio-city Collective

Reaching Out For Help
by The Curio-city Collective