A Nature Immersion Meditation

This nature meditation can be undertaken while sitting, standing or walking. Ideally, try and find yourself an open space where you are surrounded by or facing nature. If not a walk in the park or the woods, even a balcony with your potted plants or a nice window facing the open skies can work for this meditation if you are constrained due to any reason. Try and ensure that you have some quiet and undisturbed time while undertaking the meditation. 

Being in nature or engaging with nature in any form adds to our holistic well-being in and of itself. Meditation sharpens this process further and holds the capacity to rebuild and deepen our relationship with the world around us.  

Listen to or download the meditation here:

Special thanks to Gowri Omanakuttan, for lending her voice to this meditation and to Ishwar Shankar for editing and pulling it together.