Intentional Living: How we can start to realign with nature

Notes from a Webinar

The environmental outcomes of the lockdown, such as clean air and water, alongside the connection the climate crisis has with the current Covid-19 crisis – has made many of us reconsider our relationship with the natural world. It has also created an opportunity to rethink how we live and consume, what choices we make and the impact this has on the planet. From the kind of home cleaning liquids we use to how we treat our household waste to how we engage with and understand our immediate environments, every decision adds up. After all, what is ‘transformative change’ when we begin to consider our individual lives?

On Saturday, 30 May 2020 at 11 am we organised our first webinar on ‘Intentional living: How we can start to realign with nature’ with three speakers. Below are their presentations and the resources they shared. Watch the full webinar here:

  1. Poonam Bir Kasturi, Founder, Daily Dump            

Poonam wears many hats, the favourite of which is her ‘witch hat’. She often pulls new & interesting things out of it that challenge her team. Poonam is trained as an Industrial Designer, has worked as a Design Educator and is now fondly known as Compostwali. She is the founder of Daily Dump. She talks to trees, bacteria, clouds and keeps everyone on their toes. She bows to no one except the black soldier fly maggot.

Poonam spoke about how waste is a symptom of a larger problem that spans multiple interlinked issues. Her presentation can be found here.

  1. Shruti Sunderraman, Executive Editor, Current Conservation 

Shruti is a freelance writer, and the Executive Editor of Current Conservation magazine. She lives in her garden with her cat, and is a strong believer in the personal being political, in conversations about environment, policy, and zero waste living.

Shruti spoke about the scale of consumerism as a problem; how can we do things differently in our households in terms of the choices we make. Her presentation can be found here and resources she shared can be found below.

  1. Dr Vandana Krishnamurthy, Founder, UrbanMali Network

Vandana started UrbanMali with the hope of connecting people to plants in the city through homegardens. She works with farmers, horticulturists and passionate nature lovers to spread native plants in cities.

Vandana discussed the people-plant connection and what that looks like before and after Covid-19.