The Commune: Reclaiming Home

Dear Friends, In the early days of my first job with a Bangalore based NGO that worked on urban ecology and development issues, I remember asking the founder why he chose to do the work he did. It was a small organisation with limited resources. Often each of us, its few employees working on smallContinue reading “The Commune: Reclaiming Home”

The Commune: All Around Us

Dear Friends, I was on a call yesterday where there were many people from different parts of the country. Each of us spoke a bit about what we were witnessing around us. In some places there was extreme heat, like not experienced before. In another there were heavy storms with severe uprooting of trees and a lot ofContinue reading “The Commune: All Around Us”

The Commune: Systems of Care

Dear friends, I went to a public hospital, a few weeks ago. Spread over a hefty acreage one would imagine that this old hospital was once spacious, therapeutic and open with sprawling trees and chirping birds. When I visited though there was a constant honking of too many vehicles lined up bumper to bumper andContinue reading “The Commune: Systems of Care”

The Commune: Daring to Connect

Dear Friends, Last month, I signed up for a memoir writing workshop. It was a 16-person strong group from across the country and my first experience of its sort. I was expecting writing tips and discussions on form and style. What unfolded was something I was unprepared for. “Tell us something about yourself that you wouldn’tContinue reading “The Commune: Daring to Connect”

The Commune: Hopeful Action

Dear friends, Recently I was reading the Mary Oliver poem, ‘Of the Empire’ “We will be known as a culture that feared deathand adored power, that tried to vanquish insecurityfor the few and cared little for the penury of themany. We will be known as a culture that taughtand rewarded the amassing of things, thatContinue reading “The Commune: Hopeful Action”

The Commune: Seeding Hope

Dear Friends, A few months ago, Arpita, my friend and colleague here at TCC, handed me four packets of seeds for my birthday. Carefully gathered from her garden and the plants that cross her path wherever she wanders, they were retrieved from her seed bank and packed into hand-labelled paper envelopes. Other than micro greensContinue reading “The Commune: Seeding Hope”

The Commune: Tending to the Earth

Dear friends, How have we come to the end of 2021 already? A part of me feels like the entire year went too fast and another feels like the time passed has been excruciatingly slow. Through this time of so much loss and grief, we all held onto the small and big joys around us.Continue reading “The Commune: Tending to the Earth”

The Commune: Entering Deep Time

Dear Friends, Somewhere deep in the mountainside of West Texas, a clock is currently being built. It is a massive undertaking into the future for what’s special about the clock is that it is designed to keep time for 10,000 years. As the founder of the project, Danny Hillis, describes it, “The century hand advances onceContinue reading “The Commune: Entering Deep Time”

The Commune: It’s Time To Say Enough

Dear Friends, As part of our Book Club reading this month, I’ve been diving into Carl Honoré’s  In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed. Writing the summary for it, I found myself leaning heavily on the history of our collective obsession and addiction to speed, its antecedents being traced to the Industrial Revolution. “Industrial capitalism fed onContinue reading “The Commune: It’s Time To Say Enough”