The Commune: Pause and reflect

Dear friends,

Earlier this year, I moved from a slightly busy, roadside house into a quieter, greener house. I found a corner of the house with a view of trees, with visiting birds to place my work desk. I wanted to be able to look out and see open spaces during the day. Initially I wondered if this shift with more access to green spaces and nature would impact my everyday mood and working. Over a period of time, I found myself really enjoying the spot. I began to look forward to my regular munia and sunbird visitors; to seeing the flies and moths that are attracted to the night light and learning about the different stages of the tree that overlooked my window. Their daily visits became the highlight of my day, teaching me not just how they looked but what attracted them, what times they preferred to visit and more. Soon, I began to pause and gaze at them every time they came by. Sitting at my chair with my two cats and observing all the visitors and their movements. All of us equally curious.

These connections seem subtle but in reality are significant shifts in our well-being and how we perceive our well-being too. There is pause embedded in them and becoming attuned to the companionship of other beings around us.

At TCC, for the past two months we have been exploring the myriad ways in which we can deepen our connection to nature and wilderness in different ways. [You can explore all our episodes and writing under our theme The Wild World.] These conversations have been such wonderful entry points to learn and grow with all the beings. Aside from these wonderful conversations, one way we have been able to explore and deepen this connection and its many benefits has been through reading children’s books on these themes.

This has been a particularly interesting way for us to engage with these ideas in simple yet expansive ways. Children’s books like: The Tree in MeSalim Mamoo and meThe Miracle on Sunderbaag Street.

We would love for you to join us in our spaces and share your favourite children’s books on these ideas.

We hope you have a gentle end of 2022 and a kind beginning of 2023.


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