The Commune: Inequality and a New Social Contract

Dear Friends, A few weeks ago, K who works as a domestic worker in two homes in my neighbourhood had a family emergency—her husband who had a stroke in 2019 had a relapse. Rushing to a hospital, she had to turn back as she did not have Rs. 7000 she was asked to pay forContinue reading “The Commune: Inequality and a New Social Contract”

The Commune: Embodying Change

Dear friends, Just recently Greta Thunberg, the 18 year old climate activist, shared the image below that rather poignantly asked some important questions on the nature of leadership and change she experienced at the One Planet Summit, she wrote – “Today they have the possibility to act. But they choose not to.” She went onContinue reading “The Commune: Embodying Change”

The Commune: Imaginings of Interdependence

Dear friends, 2020 was unprecedented. We lived through a year that was turbulent to say the least and heartbreaking at the worst. Lives were lost in a reckless and careless fashion; we turned to systems like healthcare that failed us. In this essay as an opening to Crisis Cities Symposium, Thomas J Sugrue professor of social andContinue reading “The Commune: Imaginings of Interdependence”

The Commune: Finding Resilience

Dear Friends, As 2020 winds to an end, I find myself immersed in readings about mangroves—their habitats, root networks, breathing systems. Odd, you might say, when so much is underfoot—farmer protests, the passage of laws that control who you can and cannot love or the de-notification of protected forest land. But as I think aboutContinue reading “The Commune: Finding Resilience”

The Commune: The Discomfort of Uncertainty

Dear Friends, I greet you this time with an image, the one below. It’s called ‘The Uncomfortable Watering Can‘ and its origins are in ‘a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects‘ created by architect Katerina Kamprani and pulled together under the title of ‘The Uncomfortable‘. Her goal, she tells us, is ‘to deconstruct the invisibleContinue reading “The Commune: The Discomfort of Uncertainty”

The Commune: On Productivity and Presence

Dear Friends, Last week I received an SOS message from a friend. ‘Can we talk? I’m spiralling,’ it read. When we spoke later that afternoon, she said she’d missed a deadline for a fellowship application she’d been preparing for that she needed to support the last stage of her PhD. Following this was a withdrawalContinue reading “The Commune: On Productivity and Presence”

The Commune: On Being Busy

Dear friends, Recently a friend messaged on a WhatsApp group asking, “how you doing?” The response to it was a neat schedule of the day’s plans from one other friend on the group. I marvelled at how well her day was scheduled. They like me had spent most of their growing up years with adultsContinue reading “The Commune: On Being Busy”

The Commune: The Value of Leisure

Dear Friends, This newsletter edition should have been out on the 15th but something strange has been happening since a while. A kitten called Oggy has recently become a part of my household and Oggy is quite convinced that the lap and the laptop – both are strategically designed to provide him the perfect warmthContinue reading “The Commune: The Value of Leisure”

The Commune: Making room for rest

Dear Friends, Over the past week, I’ve been revisiting poet and author David Whyte’s Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. It’s a book that reflects on 52 everyday words and gently unpacks them to explore their complexity – words like memory, longing, loss and vulnerability.  The one I’ve been sitting withContinue reading “The Commune: Making room for rest”

The Commune: Nurturing Transformative Change

Dear friends, I cannot believe it’s been a whole 9 months since we began our podcast journey. So much has changed for us, for the world, since January 2020. I am not sure it has been the year any of us had imagined. Through this journey we have explored many topics including our growing wasteContinue reading “The Commune: Nurturing Transformative Change”