The Commune: The Invisible Work of Care

Dear Friends, A few years ago I was working in a job that required going to districts with a high incidence of child harm to work with local communities and build safe spaces for children. I loved the work and the transformations we’d see. Over the course of a few months, girls would hold themselvesContinue reading “The Commune: The Invisible Work of Care”

The Commune: Hitched to the Universe

Dear friends, “The food on our plates, the rings on our fingers and the wooden furniture in our homes: all too often there is a violent reality behind household items we use everyday.” These are the opening lines of the report ‘At What Cost?’ by the international NGO Global Witness which works on the intersectionsContinue reading “The Commune: Hitched to the Universe”

The Commune: Keeping Quiet

Dear friends, In my late 20s, it so happened that I spent an inadvertently enthusiastic amount of time sitting in a garden near my house. My feet have always wandered towards the green but spending large stretches of time in a public garden was different from the wilderness I preferred. I expected the tamed, tightenedContinue reading “The Commune: Keeping Quiet”

The Commune: Building webs of care

Dear friends, I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I stumbled upon this new piece that Johanna Hedva, a disabled activist, had written titled ‘Get Well Soon‘. In my early years of being sick, it was what everyone said to me – Hope you feel better soon. It is such a well meaning andContinue reading “The Commune: Building webs of care”

The Commune: Connection in the time of Corona

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.“Pooh!” he whispered.“Yes, Piglet?”“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” Dear Friends, Every night before bed this past week, I’ve turned to my favourite companions, Pooh and Piglet—just to be sure of them, and me, and us. Every day, I find myselfContinue reading “The Commune: Connection in the time of Corona”

The Commune: Returning to soil

Dear Friends, While most children were dreaming of being doctors, teachers and police officers when they grew up, I had every intention of growing up to be a witch – a wise nice one. Raised on a steady diet of Enid Blyton’s, Roald Dahl’s and other fantastical literature, I was surprised at the lack ofContinue reading “The Commune: Returning to soil”

The Commune: Turning waste to wealth

Dear Friends, Growing up, taking the garbage out was the chore I was always disliked. Washing dishes, cleaning out cupboards, dusting—any of those trumped the two minutes it would take to lift the black plastic bag with the day’s refuse, tie it up and leave it outside the apartment door. That was the sum totalContinue reading “The Commune: Turning waste to wealth”

The Commune: Trashing the waste mindset

Dear Friends, On good days such as today where my morning outing led to spotting golden orioles twirling through the skies even as the chirping of the local tailorbirds and barbets resounded through my neighbourhood – it feels surreal to consider that we might be living in a moment of environmental crisis. Yet as multipleContinue reading “The Commune: Trashing the waste mindset”

The Commune: A date with the ocean

Dear Friends, My love affair with the ocean began from an early childhood spent beside it. I remember taking walks with my grandmother by the sea, going out on a jetty to feed bits of atta to shoals of fish, and carefully choosing seashells with my sister on visits we’d make to islands in theContinue reading “The Commune: A date with the ocean”

The Commune: Emotional distress in cities

Dear friends, I don’t quite remember at what point in my life I began to recognise that mental well-being lies on a continuum of sorts. From happiness, wellness to mild or limited distress to diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health conditions – it has many shades. Things were different when I was 17. I discovered SylviaContinue reading “The Commune: Emotional distress in cities”