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Episode 10 enters the terrain of the strange and fascinating scientific world of pandemics, epidemics and zoonotic diseases. The episode moves further down the trail of exploring how our fraying relationship with our planet might have something to do the current Covid-19 crisis and considers what wisdom we can glean from this experience. (Read transcript) Listen now!

Featured: ‘Moving Beyond a Fear of Bats

In this essay, Deepika Khatri writes about how fear of other species is creating deeper divisions with the natural world and how we need to examine these fears closely for the well being of all species.

Humans and Disease: A Reading List
by The Curio-city Collective

A Nature Immersion Meditation

by The Curio-city Collective

A single leaf floating in water with the words: Season 1 with Deepika and Arpita. Episode 9: Keeping Quiet

Episode 9 reflects on the world that’s unfolding outside our windows and doors as we find ourselves restricted to our homes during the lockdown. As air pollution lowers and animals begin to wander about cities – what are we seeing and experiencing? What is it telling us about who we want to be once the lockdown comes to an end.(Read transcript) Listen now!

Featured: ‘Seeing our Way to Connection’

In this essay, Nomita Khatri writes about how using this moment of the lockdown to deepen our gaze and become more attentive to the world offers us myriad gifts.

Awe and Nature
by The Curio-city Collective

Turning Waste To Wealth
by Deepika Khatri

Caring For Our Environment
by The Curio-city Collective

Returning to Soil
by Arpita Joshi

A hand holding a branch with the words: Season 1 with Deepika and Arpita. Episode 8: Building webs of care and the TCC logo

Episode 8 looks at how to build and nurture communities of care as we find ourselves in the middle of one of the largest lockdowns in the world because of the Corona Virus pandemic. Through a mix of personal experience and research, it examines who often gets left out of these networks of care, and how to extend them to all kinds of social groups with empathy and compassion. (Read transcript) Listen now!

Featured: ‘Moving from a place of loss to richness’

This essay explores a journey of care and talks about how the book Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna- Samarasinha helped transform the understanding on care.
By Srinidhi Raghavan

Hands join together to form a heart. On the left, it says: Season 1 with Deepika and Arpita. Episode 7: Connection in the time of corona

Episode 7 looks at questions of connection and care as we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. Given that the Corona virus has in one way reinforced our shared humanity, it explores what the human response to it will be. Through research, it looks at the potential each of us have to reinforce what makes us human through acts of kindness and compassion.  (Read Transcript)
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Featured: ‘Taking Care: A Short Guide On Self Care

In her article, Tanuja Babre,Coordinator – iCALL breaks down what self care means and how we can effectively incorporate it within our lives.

Supporting Communities
by The Curio-city Collective

Connecting The Dots: A Lockdown List
by The Curio-city Collective